1. Um… 26%. They told me to loosen up.<br><br>I probably only scored that high because I like cats, I trimmed the short-n-curlies once and gave my ex-wife a vibe as a present (while we were still married). I also admitted that I like lesbian porn, which might have pushed my score either way! 🙂

  2. It was 50%. Period. Right in the damn middle. Not happy and well adjusted straight, not happy and well adjusted lesbian. Obviously not well-adjusted. Sometimes happy. Sometimes just a babe.

  3. 50%! 50%! I’m a happy and well adjusted lesbian babe, too!<br><br>Wow… and I do know how to change my car’s oil. That must’ve been the clincher — and the fact that I’d rather be smart and ugly…

  4. funny…I got 70% gay…gee, funny that…:) I’m not quite a dyke cliche yet…damn, i better get working on that…:)

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