The Name Game

It’s time to send in the puppy’s AKC registration papers. We’ve been procrastinating about this because we haven’t been able to think of a name for her. What, you say? I thought her name is Thilde? Yes, that’s true…. it’s a call name. If you’ve watched dog shows you’ve probably chuckled at some of the ridiculous names those dogs have. Those are registered names. I guess not allowing every dog to be named Rover helps the AKC to avoid confusion. Even the breeder said we should consider something lengthy and ridiculous so that the AKC wouldn’t reject the application for a duplicate name.

So far, Mel has come up with Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix and Chocolate Peanut-Butter Cookie Dough, I think. While I agree the AKC name is not all that important and I don’t mind some silliness, I thought these were a little over the top.

That said, we could use a little help. Please click on the comments link below and add your suggestion for a name after digesting the following facts:

  • Female Miniature Pinscher, chocolate colored with rust markings. Will not get any larger than 12″ at the shoulder. Easily stepped on. Breed is known as “King of Toys.”
  • Thilde is a derivative of Mathilde which is German for mighty battle maiden.
  • Given the way she behaves today, we expect her to end up fierce, fearless and very affectionate with high energy.
  • She may play fly ball, do agility competition or obedience competition depending on her aptitude and our energy level. In other words, we may actually have to use the AKC name.
  • She lives in New York in an (except for the parrot) all female household. The breeder suggested that it was popular to use the phrase ‘of [location]’ for differentiation purposes.
  • Her parents AKC registered names are Macey Kingdom Surprise and Fat Boy Cajun.
  • The name cannot exceed 28 characters including spaces. That’s how much room there is on the application.
  • If you like, feel free to review her photos (links in the sidebar) and the AKC page on Miniature Pinschers.

Prize? Ummm… maybe. If I use your suggestion you’ll have the honor of having given the doggy her formal name. I might have something appropriate I could send you, or you might have a Amazon wish list I could look at. Or, you might leave your suggestion for a prize along with your suggestion for a name. In any case, you’ll have sincere gratitude from me for your thoughtfulness and creativity. Clearly, I have none since the application has been sitting here for a month.


  1. powerpup, or in the theme of "grey bird" … brown pup … or maybe even endless excitability … hmm … after closer inspection of the pictures … one damn fine doggy is an understatement.

  2. My humble offers:<br><br>Buttercup Powerpup of NY<br>Mighty Valkyrie Mathilde<br>Thilde the Teacup Titanic<br>Yugo Bada Bing Bang Boom

  3. Smoosh her parents name together:<br><br>* Fat Cajun Kingdom<br>* Mighty German Maiden<br>* Sweater Sock Valkyrie<br><br>I have to also say I like the Valkyrie name from Edge.

  4. Mighty Footlong Valkyrie<br>Thilde, Amazon Dog<br>Amazing Amazon Thilde (nah…adjectives are NOT very AKC)<br>Thilde’s Krispy Kreme

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