Lucky Saturday (Queen for a Day)

Sleep late. Coffee. Blueberry pancakes. Yoga and relaxation. Shared shower. Serious full-body massage leading to er, um, you know. Nap. Walk the dogs. Lebanese food. Movie. Diablo. Bed.


  1. oh my. so i kept hearing about that diablo. so i went and downloaded it last night. it’s just an evaluation version so you can’t do anything cool but… it looks… like something i should stay away from. oh, it’s pretty though!

  2. Is it just me, or have you neglected to share what you and Mel decided on for Thilde’s registered AKC name? Enough sex — I want puppy scoop!

  3. Yes, dammit, it was hot, hot sex. There, now you know!<br><br>As for the puppy, the application is sitting by the door. The name debate began anew yesterday. We are closer.

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