1. That’s the second time that I’ve seen that headline and I still refuse to read it. It sickens me just knowing that this story is out there. I feel like Huey in Boondocks lately. *puke*

  2. Yeah, I feel bad saying maybe she did it to herself, but I’ve just seen so many of these cases, and almost every time someone has something written or carved on their bodies, they did it themselves.<br><br>Every place she has an injury a right-handed person could easily do themselves. And may I rot in eternal fire if I’m wrong. I hope I am.

  3. I read what Jill and wKen wrote over at wKenshow, too, and I’m even more horrified at the idea that some people have done this to themselves to — what? — get attention? Wonder what the details are in this case. People can be so twisted.

  4. i don’t know whether to hope that she did it to herself or not. what pain she must be going thru to do it to herself. but to make a hate crime out of something you did to yourself is awful, almost as bad as a real hate crime.<br><br>Ken is apprently in the process of switching to MT so i can’t see what he and Jill have said. sigh.

  5. It’s stories like this that make me want to put my good ol’ Marine Corps training and expertise to good use. You know, the "kill people" part of the training…<br><br>Very sad!!!

  6. Oh… and taking their dicks wouldn’t be enough.<br><br>I think that they should skin them first… their dicks, that is. With paper… you know, making a paper cut is painful. Well, skin their cranks by paper cuts… then, while they’re still consious (keep waking them back up), peel their skin off with pliers. Remind them that carving into someone is actually not a nice thing to do, and that peeling their skin off is the least we could do to them. Then, after they are skinless, throw them into the ocean. Far out in the ocean. Where the big fish swim… if the salt water shock doesn’t kill them, the feeding fishies will.<br><br>You know, nothing gets my goat more than stupid people like those three animals. I hope that someone ass-rapes them daily in prison at the VERY least. Someone VERY well endowed and merciless!<br><br>Me? Mad? Nahhh…

  7. Wow, Edge… tell us how you really feel! Actually, your suggestions are very similar to my wife Mel’s suggestions. Especially the prison part.

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