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The wife is still sick, and I’m tired. Last night, she had two horrific coughing jags that jarred me awake. Thankfully, the week is over for me. I’m hoping to sleep in a little tomorrow and then I really have to get some work done on a website for my brother’s business.

We couldn’t stand it anymore, after seeing the commercial a dozen times we had to visit the website and buy these. Dark brown for her, olive green for me.

I’ve been fooling around with burning copy protected CDs. Oh, baaaad, I know… but I am incensed that I can’t even make backup copies of computer games I paid good money for. What are you supposed to do if the CD is accidentally damaged? Shell out the cash to buy another copy? I think not. After turning many, many blank CDs into coasters over the last few years, I think I may have resolved the problem. For now.

Last night we went out to a monthly happy hour hosted by some people I used to work with. Alot of people from my old company are on the email invitation list, as well as a number of friends and current business acquaintances of the hosts. I guess it’s what you’d call a “networking” event but it’s also now one of the few opportunities I have to see some former co-workers that I consider to be friends.

Unfortunately, you have to take the bad with the good, and last night the former co-workers I despise outnumbered my friends. It’s hard to be polite to the very people who drove the company into the ground because of basic ineptitude or being grossly underqualified for their executive positions, making incredibly bad business decisions and blatant over-spending. I mean, what can you say to a woman who used to expense her weekly commute from Virginia to North Carolina because she couldn’t be bothered to move? This same woman hired her personal trainer as a project manager in the professional services division of a software development group. She also got trashed at the last holiday party the company had and made overt passes at a guy at least 25 years her junior. How professional.


  1. Oh, and for the wife’s cough, I recommend Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough. I like mine with a little club soda and a twist. 😉

  2. The red ones are wonderful! Of course, I already have them – I am dying for them to make a pair of purple ones – they will be mine in a heartbeat! I may be unemployed – but damn, my shoes will be nice!

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