Happy New Year

A toast to you, all my online friends. I hope your New Year’s Eve was fun and safe, and that you are well today.

We went to a party last night. I was glad when my friend Cathy called on Saturday to invite me… at least I’d gotten an invitation to do something. Not that I wouldn’t have minded staying home, we have for the last few years and have had some very nice, intimate celebrations. The party was lots of fun – 1 cat, 2 men, 3 dogs, about 20 lesbians and a case of champagne.


  1. There was a load of food: Grape leaves, cut up pita breads and dips, bread dips, roast beef sandwiches, soup, some white pizza lookin’ stuff, relishes, veggies, homemade fudge. There was more, but that’s all I can remember. When she said there’d be food I wasn’t thinking soup and sandwiches, so I was sorry that I’d eaten dinner beforehand. I don’t think there was any lentils or tofu.

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