Six Feet Under

I have to go get some blank video tapes now. HBO begins re-runs of its new series Six Feet Under tonight at 10pm on HBO East & HBO West. Since you only have about four hours to park it in front of a TV with HBO, you could try catching the second showing of episode one on HBO Plus on Saturday at 9pm. And yay, after this re-airing of the first 13 episodes they’re immediately showing the second season. This show pushes my buttons in a way that no other has since Twin Peaks (first season now available on DVD). There is just something about this combination of quirkiness, rawness and dark drama humor that grabs my attention. The writer/director, Alan Ball also wrote American Beauty.

In the series, the Fishers, a family of five four puts the “fun” in dysfunctional as they try to sort out what to do with the family business – a funeral home – and deal with the death of the family patriarch. It’s very entertaining and no subject is left untouched: adultery, drug use, closeted homospeciality, anonymous sex, unusual death, and manic depression. That’s just in the first episode – this is fun TV! Oh, and the music is excellent, especially opening theme and the song that closes episode one.


  1. Everybody keeps mentioning this show (Six Feet Under, not Twin Peaks)! I’d love to see it, except I don’t have HBO. Oh well. I’m sure they’ll release it on DVD at some point.

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with the post… wanted to thank you including my blog on your list!

  3. Thanks for the TV guide update. I love Six Feet Under – and any and all quirky tv shows of the same ilk. I really miss Twin Peaks. <br>

  4. Hmm. I wonder when this show is gonna make it to Sweden. They actually love to put these kinds of shows on primetime state-run channels – "Sopranos" or "Sex and the City" or, well, "Twin Peaks." But that was awhile ago (every Swede I know was addicted to Twin Peaks. Innaresting.)

  5. I love Six Feet Under! And Grey bird, I posted your vulva puppet site to the FGN list. Hysterical! Thanks!

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