How Presumptuous

On Saturday I get a rather thick envelope in the mail from one of my best friends. He lives in Queens. I hadn’t talked to him in a few weeks so I had no idea what he’d be sending me. Inside was some raffle tickets, a self-addressed stamped envelope and a card that read:

Please send me a $10 donation for these 12 raffle tickets (it’s for a good cause). I’ll let you know if you win!! You can cut a check to me or to the “Church of the Resurrection.” Thanks!

Hmmmmm. Well I suppose a Canon Digital Camcorder or a $100 Best Buy gift certificate would be nice. But it would be tough to use “His and Hers” Tommy Hilfiger watches, 2 tickets to a Broadway show or a $100 gift certificate to a Queens restaurant.

Still, I thought it was damned funny that he’d do this. After I was done chuckling, I started all over with this thought… What if I returned the envelope with a note that said:

What makes you think I have $10?