Monday Amusements

Fun Links from Janet (who won’t get her own blog)

  • Check out Zen Tarot. The reading I did was pretty accurate. The cards are just gorgeous.
  • Need to remind yourself of something next week or five years from now? Future Me is a tool that lets you send a written time capusule to yourself.
  • Chat like the kids on AOL with this AOLer Translator.
  • Janet says RSVP – A Dinner Party Game is totally addicting! She’s right. I already had several hours of fun with this one when MJ posted it last week.
  • Sell your Soul. Sadly, mine is only worth £10,186 and I’ve been informed that 77% of people have a purer soul than me.
  • Need to tell someone they’re an ass? Why not show them instead with an AssGram.
  • And if you really don’t like them, send them a curse from pinstruck – digital voodoo while you’re at it. (You know, I’m starting to think I might have pissed Janet off at some point.)