This ‘n That

Go and see Winged Migration. What an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful documentary. It was so amazing I cried. The soundtrack and DVD (when available) are both on my list to buy. But don’t wait: See it in the theatre now!

Of course we knew this: Bush wants marriage reserved for heterosexuals. There’s the ubiquitous CNN poll attached to the article and right now the “NOs” to the question Should marriage be legally defined as only a union between a man and a woman? is at 39%. Go tip the scales a bit more, would you? (link via Robyn)

I’m “working from home” today. Mel is out of town until Saturday night. It was easier to stay at home than to be concerned with having to run home in the middle of the day to let the pooches out. This way they’re not locked up all day. I haven’t showered, I’m hot and I have a headache. Time to go remedy those things.

That is all.