Is that schnitzel, or are you just happy to see me?

So, I was busy with my new, schnazzy German dictionary, learning phrases like “is that schnitzel, or are you just happy to see me?” or “when I think about kraut, I touch myself”. When I realized that Grey Bird (the actual bird itself) had been out of his condo-cage all night long….

Normally, this isn’t a problem but since I hadn’t yet fed Tilde, our cute, cuddly, 650 pound puppy… I figured I should get Grey Bird back in his condo-cage. By the time I found Grey Bird, it was obvious Tilde had found him first. Oops.

Not wanting Mel to kick my ass for leaving the damn bird out again, I grabbed the lard-assed dog and carefully plucked all the grey feathers out of her mouth. I then proceeded to glue the feathers to my “Crash”, the Y2K bug toy (which sits atop my iMAC), and stuck it in the condo-cage. Seeing that Crash now looked a lot like Grey Bird (if you stood back about 40 feet and squinted), I felt secure that Mel wouldn’t notice a thing.

As long as no one bumps the cage… I’ll be safe. Of course if they do, the fake Grey Bird will emit the sound of breaking glass. And I’ll be busted.

.:: This has been test post by Chari of TECHFLUID — This was only a test. No animals were hurt in this post’s creation. ::.