Still Too Hot to Move

Today the temperature is going up to 90 degrees with about 1000% humidity, making it feel like boiling point. As I sit in my air conditioned office, I am nonetheless annoyed that those without air conditioned offices were allowed to leave at noon today. About 90% of the school got the afternoon off because it is too hot to work.

It’s so hot in my house I’m thinking about installing some AC units I’ve collected over the years. There are two window units in the basement and one in the garage that I rarely use.

Our bedroom already has a built-in AC unit, so we’ve been using that at night. We just deal with the heat in the rest of the apartment (on the second floor of a brick house) during the day. Hauling the window units up to the second floor and installing them is a pain in the ass; those suckers are heavy. Once installed, they get used a little more than they should because we’ve lost the ability to open those windows and set fans in them. Several sizable electric bills follow and then I have to haul them downstairs again. It’s easier and cheaper to suffer for the few weeks of summer that are really miserable. Except that, usually, those few really hot weeks occur at the end of July and through part of August… Since this is the beginning of July, I’m wondering if the remainder of the summer is going to be this way.

Obviously, don’t need all three units (plus the one in the bedroom) to cool the entire apartment, so I called my brother to offer him one in exchange for helping us install the others. He said he didn’t want or need an air conditioner, informing me he doesn’t like them! Fortunately, he agreed to come and help me anyway. Mel is desperate for relief and has already said she’ll pick up the difference on the electric bills.

Oh, and I passed my certification test yesterday with a 93%! Time to start studying for the next one.