Better All The Time

Finally feeling better. My nose is sore but at least I can use it. Thankfully, the rest of the symptoms are pretty much gone.

Taxes are done… yay! Just gotta do the electronic filing thing later today and then sit back and wait for the refund to be direct deposited. Turns out the lump-sum severance pay I got when I got laid off last year caused a significant over-witholding of federal taxes. Color me happy to get that back. Now I just have to clean all of last year’s crap out of the filing cabinets and box it up.

Birthday week is coming up. Mine is on Monday, my step-mother’s is on Wednesday and my mother’s is on Friday. I’ve always felt sorry for my brother during this time, he’s got ‘duty’ times three.

My parents couldn’t decide whether to name me Paula or Joanne, so they named me after the month. Like many Aries, I am somewhat an*l about certain things. I also used to be an accountant, a profession which requires one to be an*l. I have a somewhat imposing presence and whenever I’ve jokingly told anyone “I am A., the an*l, Aries accountant, born on income tax day” they become wary of me. It’s an interesting way of telling people you don’t take any shit.