On Vacation

Woohoo, I’m on vacation. Well really, I’ve been on vacation since Friday but since I don’t normally work Fridays or weekends tomorrow (actually later today) is when my vacation really starts. I am not confused. I don’t have to go back to work until Wednesday, January 2nd. That’s 2002. I’m happy!

Hmmm… so what’s on my vacation to do list? Well, I haven’t done any damn Christmas shopping yet. I gotta go see my 79 year-old great aunt in Detroit tomorrow for a couple of days, maybe I’ll shop while I’m there. I have to produce a website for my brother’s business after over a year of promising to do it. I have to update a website for a club I belong to. Bill a client for a job I just finished (that was a job from hell, thanks to Network Solutions, and I way underbid it). Put together an estimate for the next job I’ve got lined up, hopefully that’ll pay for the load of repairs I just had done at my rental property. Rebuild my dad’s computer and build a Linux box for myself. Then there’s the list of all the rest of the stuff – pay bills, clean house, etc. Crap, this starting to not sound like a vacation…

Oh, and I have to finish the gift I’ve been working on to give my girlfriend for our anniversary on December 26th. I actually started it last year but didn’t finish in time for our second anniversary so here I am a year later, scrambling to get it done for the third. That’s sorta pathetic.