My dad called today to tell me about a letter he’d gotten. It was from EZPass, the toll system for the NYS Thruway. The letter said that they were revoking his EZPass for 2 months because of a recorded violation. “Really? No kidding… what was it?” I’m thinking my 17 year old brother had taken… Continue reading Ooops!


I’m having a disconnected day… just sort of drifting along, messing around, surfing the web, reading blogs. This is what you’re supposed to do on a day off right? Except that just because I don’t go to work on Fridays doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be working. And really, I have plenty to do, but I… Continue reading Disconnected

Back to the school thing… (or, I Miss My Wife part II)

This was the first ever semester of college for my girlfriend. There was a program at the private college down the street that interested her so she decided she would pursue it. As it turns out, it’s not going to work out for her because she learned almost immediately that the job market in this… Continue reading Back to the school thing… (or, I Miss My Wife part II)