How Presumptuous

On Saturday I get a rather thick envelope in the mail from one of my best friends. He lives in Queens. I hadn’t talked to him in a few weeks so I had no idea what he’d be sending me. Inside was some raffle tickets, a self-addressed stamped envelope and a card that read: Please… Continue reading How Presumptuous

Go Democrats!

Mel and I voted this morning on our way home from the pool. We were numbers 52 and 53 for our district. I’m glad Spitzer won; he’ll be the first Democrat governor in New York in 12 years. He’s done good things for the state as attorney general and I’ve liked the campaign he ran.… Continue reading Go Democrats!

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I had to steal this one from Nona… A couple of UK lesbians are chomping at the bit because scientists “…have devised a way to create ‘artificial sperm’ from any cell in a woman’s body which can be used to fertilise another woman’s egg.” I’m not sure how I feel about this except that my… Continue reading Yikes!

Weird Looking

Ever notice how the features of some people’s faces are overly defined? I’m not talking about an obvious over-definition like a big nose, or big lips, or a large jawbone or brow. I’m talking about every feature of the face being noticeably prominent. Almost like someone punched the person several times evenly and the swelling… Continue reading Weird Looking