Six Feet Under

I have to go get some blank video tapes now. HBO begins re-runs of its new series Six Feet Under tonight at 10pm on HBO East & HBO West. Since you only have about four hours to park it in front of a TV with HBO, you could try catching the second showing of episode… Continue reading Six Feet Under

Guessing Games

A friend got me a subscription to The Advocate for Christmas last year. It’s an okay magazine, I guess. I’ve seen very few lesbian magazines and I’m not even sure the few I’ve seen would qualify as ‘news’ magazines. My girlfriend jokingly makes fun of the fact that I get a men’s magazine. She’ll say… Continue reading Guessing Games

Another Fan

My 63 year old mother is now a Harry Potter fan. When she came over to drop off plants last Sunday, she asked me about the movie. I’d been to see it the night before and had been really excited about going. It was great, very faithful to the book with all the important bits… Continue reading Another Fan