No Christmas Horror

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Christmas day was really nice. We ate, drank the Martha Stewart eggnog, ate some more, drank some more, ate… you get the idea. Between all the drink mixing, eating and cooking we watched a DVD I’d gotten from my step-mom. I’ve seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show less than 100 times, I swear – I’m […]

Christmas Eve

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Presents are almost wrapped, just two left. I slept late then spent the morning with coffee, Christmas music, wrapping paper and the smell of baked goods. My superwoman girlfriend made oatmeal-white chocolate chip-craisin cookies, rice krispies treats, chocolate cherry cheesecake (that’s for tomorrow) and stained glass window cookies. The stained glass window cookies didn’t turn […]

Help, I’m stuffed…

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and I can’t stop eating! 😉 Oh, Thanksgiving, when we give thanks for how glutinous (wait, not gluey) gluttonous we are. This year my mom was home so my girlfriend and I went there for the day. It was lovely, and everyone contributed to the dinner. We made the stuffing, my friend made veggies, mom […]