My Yard is Exploding

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Here’s a few photos from the yard. The long, adequately wet, spring we had has made the plants in this area go crazy. This is the first year the poppies have bloomed since we relocated them two summers ago when the porches were built. I love my dianthus! This is the hummingbird feeder that Mel […]

Figuring It Out – part 523

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Ok, let’s recap, shall we? Part 1 – I don’t like the doctor and might ditch him. Part 2 – I don’t like the drugs and am not going to take them. I’ve been on this diet for a month. I feel great. More clear-headed, quicker to come to the land of the living (without […]

Figuring It Out – part 2

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As I mentioned in my previous post, I had made the decision to take Copaxone injections. The Monday after my Friday appointment, the enrollment application was faxed to Shared Solutions – a company owned by the company that makes the drug, Teva pharmaceuticals. I guess it’s like their customer service division. Their purpose is to […]

Figuring It Out – part 1

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I haven’t been posting much here because I’ve pretty much been immersed in research since my March 1st diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. I haven’t wanted to turn this into my-MS-blog… Though I have been thinking about putting up a separate blog in order to catalog all the stuff I’ve read. On top of that, there […]