Bird In Paradise

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Itinerary [revised] *hic* Drink in airport in NJ. Fall down. Board plane to Ireland. Fall down. Drink on plane. Fall down. Drink more on plane. Fall down. Land in Ireland. Fall down. Drink in airport in Ireland. Fall down. Find pub in Dublin. Drink. Fall down. Wake up. Forget where I am. Fall down.

All I Ever Wanted…

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Now that Bird is on vacation, Karen and I get to play. Last time we were able to do this was when Bird went to Germany. Much fun was had at her expense that time. I’m surprised we can still get access! Hopefully, we’ll be able to get some photos to post of her vacation […]

Spank You

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This will be my last post for this session of guest-blogging. (*light applause*) Grey Bird will be returning this Sunday. She’ll shake the cobwebs out of her blog, point it in the right direction and will hopefully regain some of her reading faithful. Karen and I were blogging idiots fools during this German Blogfest at […]


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Karen and I have apparently broken your blog. It appears as though all of your loyal readers/visitors have flown the coop, along with any sense of couth this blog once had. Just for you… a techie post. Yesterday, I was called off site to check on a server that’s two years older than God. It […]


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Yesterday, we were visiting The House of Art, at the Schlossplatz, when the Gaisburger Marsch (a stew of “Sp�tzle” , potatoes, diced beef, vegetables, meat stock and fried onions) my mother had eaten earlier decided to exit her person — as a projectile. Unfortunately, this occured while I was attempting to take a photo of […]