Cat Shit Coffee

So, Mel and I are watching a show called Modern Marvels on the History Channel and it’s all about coffee. Interesting stuff; the history, how it’s grown, harvested, consumed, etc., blah, blah, blah. Right before a commercial break, this little tidbit flashes across the screen, catching Mel’s eye.

One of the most expensive coffees in the world is Kopi Luwak from Indonesia. It’s made from coffee beans digested and excreted by the palm civet – a catlike animal – and sell for around $300 a pound.

Mel busts out laughing and asks me “Did you get that?” I was only half paying attention so I hit the DVR rewind button to see it again. Mel begins to fire off thought-process questions like:

Who the hell thought to pick the beans out of the cat shit to begin with? To roast them and use them? To convince others it was so fabulous? What, do they have a farm where they keep these cats just so they can feed them coffee beans and pick through their shit? Fer chrissakes, if the coffee plant was available to the cat it would be available to us, so why would we drink something that’s been filtered through a cat’s butthole? Don’t you think the “harvesters” are laughing their asses off that someone would actually want these beans?

(We’re having a serious giggle over this now.)

And who the fuck would spend that kind of money on… cat. shit. coffee.?!?

Whoever they are, the joke’s on them.