Colder than a witch’s…

We’re in a deep freeze up here. It hasn’t been above 10 degrees for more than a week. There were a few days when the temperature hovered between 0 and 5. Add winds of about 15mph and we’re talking wind chill of nearly -20 degrees. That’s fucking cold!The poor pups are stir crazy. They’re so little they can’t be walked in this weather. As it is, we’re screaming at them at them to “hurry up, go pee” whenever we force them outside because if we let them linger at all they start to shake their little legs and alternately hold their little paws up. By the time they get back to the front door they’re stumbling.

Mel has had the dogs in the basement a few times, walking on the treadmill. It’s amazing how quickly they picked it up. Then again, most of us could probably be bribed with nice pieces of grilled chicken. Anyway, the dogs are up to about 15 minutes apiece… more than me!

Here’s a pic of the princess trying to stay warm.

Pink Princess

She’s too cute in her pink fleece pj’s on her pink fleece princess blanket.