Life’s little frustrations…

I have an Epson printer in my office that died. So I called Epson support and it was determined a replacement was warranted. They shipped a new printer and I swapped it for the one on my desk. The broken printer needs to be returned via UPS and Epson sent a pre-paid label with instructions.

I call UPS for a pick-up and am told there’s a $10 charge for scheduled pick-ups. Huh? “Oh, but you can take the package to a drop-off center or give it to a UPS driver, should you see one, for free.” I tell them I work for a school and that we probably already have a UPS account, could we bill the pick-up fee to that account? The rep looks up my employer’s name. “Nope, your school’s account was canceled. You’ll have to give the driver cash or a check.”

How stupid. This is about to become someone else’s problem because, although I was proactive enough to get the replacement, I am not gonna run around trying to figure out how to return the broken one when it should be as simple as depositing the box in my employer’s mailroom to be sent out.