Unrelated Bits

I can’t get anything done at work because of constant interruptions from phone calls and visitors. There was literally a line at my door today. It’s making me crazy because I’m in the ‘trying to get everything done before vacation mode’ and have a gut feeling that I’m gonna fail miserably.

Some stuff has already slipped through the cracks and some b*tch made sure my boss (along with some other folks) knew about it. She didn’t even bother with a “what’s up?” phone call to find out if there was a problem before firing off an email to complain about me. I could have been dead or something. Anyway, I remedied the oversight and everyone knows she’s a whiner so I’m not too worried.

Gave the dentist $250 bucks I don’t really have. It sucks not to have dental insurance.

We’re very sad that Carnivale has ended for the season. It was a cliff-hanger, ending with a fire in which two of the characters may or may not have survived. Even worse is that we’ll probably have to wait a year for the second season.

Timeline was a pretty entertaining movie. Not logical, no great acting from well-known actors, but entertaining nonetheless. As usual, the book was better. At least the movie was not as bad as some of the others made from Michael Crichton books. Crichton is a great storyteller, and I like the fact that he is not ‘formula’ and writes about a wide variety of subjects.

On the subject of movies… Up until last week we were just cruising along assuming that we would get tickets for and attend “Trilogy Tuesday.” This is a showing of extended versions of first two Lord of the Rings movies and the opening of the third movie, Return of the King, all on December 16th. A LOTR movie marathon. We had a group lined up to go.

Then I learned that not only had tickets gone on sale for the event on October 9th but that it had sold out within an hour! Turns out that it’s a very limited event, only occuring at one theater in each major market. Many, many people who actually paid attention and were diligent in their attempts to get tickets failed. Tickets are being sold on eBay. There’s even an online petition to persuade New Line Cinema to allow more marathon showings. People are pissed.

While I just can’t get upset over missing a movie opening, I definitely think New Line missed the cash cow boat and alienated a lot of LOTR fans in the process by trying to make the event so exclusive.