You said it, man.

Michael Jackson still doesn’t get it. A few of the more amusing excerpts from this tongue-in-cheek MSNBC article…

On the purpose of yesterday’s raid:

The ‘dozens’ of uniformed deputies who showed up Tuesday at Michael’s Neverland Ranch near Santa Barbara to execute a search warrant might simply have been eager fans who wanted to be the first ones to receive his new CD, ‘Number Ones.’

On life in jail:

In the yard, they don’t play “Ring Around the Rosey,” they play “Garrote the Squealer.” In the shower, when somebody passes you the soap, it’s not just a gesture of courtesy, it’s the beginning of a relationship.

On Michael’s future:

He is deeply in debt, and has been reduced to putting out yet another greatest hits compilation for quick cash in order to maintain his image as a 45-year-old boy toy. His movie career is shot. His only legitimate hope is a run for governor of California, and he’ll have to wait a while for that.

Too right he doesn’t get it. The man has no concept of the inappropriateness of even the appearance of his behavior. Even if he’s truly innocent, he still looks really bad. Clearly, he can’t keep buying his way out of these situations. (How many were there we don’t know about?) I feel sorry for his kids, they’re probably already pretty f*cked up.