Phew, the snow is gone but it’s still cold. I’m tired of this and just want it to be nice, is that too much to ask?

I updated the links list again. I recently started to read Irenic Embers and really like her stuff. Francis spent a long time as the token male, so I’ve added links for a few of the other guys I stalk read on a regular basis. Hey, I can stalk men too, can’t I? Each are thought provoking and entertaining, but in different ways. Burner is a funny, ex-military, computer geek (software engineer). The BarCodeKing, a semi-political, “semi-disgruntled postal worker,” is both thought-provoking and amusing. Having been a mailroom supervisor in a former life, I enjoy the stuff he writes about his job. wKenShow bills himself as a busty, 23 year old lesbian and some of his antics have me wondering if he might not end up as a patient of Crazy Tracy, R.N.

Speaking of, I’m delighted that Tracy has resurrected her blog Time for Your Meds. An excellent, entertaining writer, Tracy will have you spitting coffee at your monitor as you read the tales of her working life. Really, it’s no wonder that being crazy yourself seems to be a prequisite for the profession of psychiatric nursing.

I must confess that Tracy is the reason that I have a blog. Late last summer, Tracy joined Karen’s Funny Girl Network email list. It must have been around the time she started blogging because I remember her encouraging the gals on the list to take a look at other blogs and to consider doing it themselves. As a result, Karen, Suzy, Raven and Kelly all started blogging. In my typical lurking fashion, I took a ‘wait and see’ attitude, finally joining them in mid-November after stalking a bunch of other people and deciding I had some things to say too. I had heard about keeping weblogs before last summer and knew it was something I wanted to try but had never had the time. Thanks to Tracy, I was reminded and encouraged.

Lastly, more about Thilde. It’s been six weeks(!) since we brought her home. In that time she’s nearly doubled in size, or so it seems. We’re delighted that the old Westie has taken a liking to the puppy and even plays with her! We never expected that at all. Mel thought the best Whiskey would do is tolerate her. Turns out the old lady is a pretty effective baby sitter and we’re hoping the puppy will learn alot from her because she’s so well behaved. I gave Whiskey her spring haircut early, shaving her so that Thilde couldn’t hang off of her hair anymore. So now she hangs off of her skin instead.

Here’s the latest batch of photos.